LISTEN: Ted Tyro – “C Angel”

Pictured above: Ted Tyro has that Lilly of the Valley that you needed, Mr. White.

Ted Tyro is wholly unique to the Louisville music scene. His laid back atmospheric version of indie pop is something to be admired, and that is especially true on his new track “C Angel.” The song is dreamlike, yet somehow eerie at the same time like being possessed by Natalie Portman’s ghost. The bass player in me absolutely loves this song. The tone of the bass is simple and unrefined, as if he’s playing an $80 fretless that he found at the flea market. There’s nothing fancy about the tone, but that’s what makes it great. Then he takes that simple bass tone for a walk that doesn’t ever stop until the song is over. Everything about the song is great, but do yourself a favor and listen one time through with an ear focused on the bass.

The song was recorded on a Tascam 4-Track recorder. To say that’s impressive is an understatement. That is also what gives the song it’s low-fi feel. Something about the wire that “C Angel” walks between sounding low-fi and sounding dreamlike is really mesmerizing. I’m intrigued by what is possible moving forward.

You can listen to “C Angel” at Ted Tyro’s bandcamp below.