EDITORIAL: Obligatory Thanksgiving Post 3.0

Pictured above: Don’t rile this bird never.

It’s been a busy week. Too busy really. So when I found myself with some time with my daughter this morning I took it. She is just a little over a year old and sweet as could be. We went to the park and played together. We made Chewbacca sounds together, because my child is awesome. It’s stuff like that this I’m thankful for today. Not any of my stuff, but the nice moments when you can listen to a tiny human laugh and know that you’re the cause for it. And I wouldn’t have had those moments without music.

Since I was little music has been my thing. I remember doing jump kicks -righteous ones- to Jump by Van Halen when I was four. I remember getting spun up on The Talking Heads’ Burning Down the House and Devo’s Whip It too. It was that weirdo spirit and high energy that resonated with me when I found punk, but that kind of DIY inclusivity that kept me around. I’m still here all these years later, and I have a bunch of friends to show for it. I can’t say I met my wife because of music, at least not directly, but it certainly helped.

So I’ll keep it brief this year. I’m thankful for our vibrant scene. Not all the silliness associated with it, the posturing and all that stuff, which I just ignore, because that’s kids stuff. I dig how much is out there now and how evolved things are now; there is so much more than just punk and indie happening and we’re all better for it. I’m thankful for my friends and family, because they are awesome, and because they are proof that a strong community is a better one. I’m thankful for the band I’m privileged to be in and all the folks I’ve been fortunate enough to make music with; they make me a better person all the time and I’m lucky to still call most a friend. And I’m thankful for having the time, energy, and freedom to write what I want at Never Nervous. We all are; we will stop when this is no longer fun.