LISTEN: Heliostat – “Gun Trap” b/w “Secret Stairs”

This almost seems like I’m reviewing a seven inch instead of just trying to hip folks to an awesome new band in Louisville. Featuring members of XOX and Strike City, Heliostat has a super chill post rock vibe, kind of like Pink Floyd meets Mogwai. An instrumental band (or at least instrumental at the time of this recording), the trio make music that evolves into soaring epics, taking the slow build into theatrics approach contemporary to the genre. Descriptions like shoegaze or dreamy are both apt here, albeit as filtered through an almost pastoral tone of guitarist Cole Street’s work here, which is creamy and atmospheric. They make the kind of music that makes you want to get mad mild, as if you were floating through the heavens in a magic La-Z Boy in search of that special feeling. You know the one.

You can check them out this weekend with Visiting Nurse, a band which I may or may not play in (spoiler: I do!), performing for the first time at Modern Cult Records. You can listen to the track “Gun Trap” below.

And  you can check out Secret Stairs here.