MOVIE MONDAY: Tony Ash on Holiday movies, John Candy, and Die Hard!

Pictured above: Behold these giant orange grapes and have your mind blown.

Tony Ash has been at it for years now. For the last two decades, Ash has stayed busy honing his skill with both guitar and bass for a number of bands including Blue Collar Revenge Theory, The Royalty, Nixon, Coliseum, and Trophy Wives. Currently Ash is at the core of Dead Halos, a blue rock group looking to put their own stamp on the genre. They’re playing a show this week with the band Brenda at Zanzabar. We caught up with Tony to ask him what makes a good holiday movie, which Die Hard flick is the best, and of course about the upcoming Star Wars movie. Read on.

Never Nervous: Is there a such thing as a good Thanksgiving movie? If so, what would be your favorite?

Tony Ash: There is, and it is called Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Not just the best Thanksgiving movie, but one of the funniest movies of the 1980’s. Maybe John Candy’s finest hour.

NN: For that matter, what is your favorite holiday movie?

TA: My favorite holiday movie has been the same since 1984. Gremlins. Any time it happens to be on, it takes me back to being a kid. Love that movie.

NN: Is there any holiday movie that has a good soundtrack?

TA: Good question. If by “holiday” we’re talking Christmas movies, I can’t think of any with extraordinary soundtracks, sorry.

NN: Speaking of holiday movies, what is your favorite Die Hard movie?

TA: The original will always be the superior film. But, like Gremlins, Die Hard 2 will always bring on the nostalgia trip, because my dad and I watched it many times as a kid.

NN: On a scale of holy fuck to oh-my-fucking-god, how excited are you for the new Star Wars movie and why?

TA: I am firmly in “holy fuck” territory. Not quite in buying tickets two months early, camping out in line territory, but I have high hopes, as a lifelong Star Wars nerd. The trailers look superb.