BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Playcold and Kogan Dumb were AMAZING at Mercury Ballroom 11/13/15

Pictured Above: Playcold is in complete command of Mercury Ballroom
Before I talk about how great Playcold and Kogan Dumb were at Mercury Ballroom on Friday night, I have to get a few things sorted out. Right off the bat, it was clear that this show was being run on “hip hop time” as it started way later than the flyers I saw indicated. The advertisements I saw leading up to the event proclaimed that the doors would be open at 8PM, so I assumed (like anyone else, I suppose) that the show would actually start at 9PM, one hour later. That’s the way these things go, right? Maybe? Please, correct me if I’m wrong. When the DJ finally started getting the crowd hyped (around 9:45 or so) it was surprising for me to see a rapper that wasn’t on the bill get on stage and perform. Every flyer had three acts advertised: Nick Burke, Kogan Dumb, and the opener PlayCold, all of which I was truthfully fucking stoked to watch, but at this point my patience was running thin.  I couldn’t help but think “when the hell is this show going to ACTUALLY START?” 

Playcold finally took the stage around 10:30, two and a half hours after doors were opened.  I was bored and fatigued at this point, but as soon as his set started, I knew immediately that this performance would serve as a sort of redemption for the evening.  To open the show, he was joined by Jalin Roze to perform their collaboration track “No Limit” (which can be found on his fantastic 2014 album SimpleHype), getting the crowd fully re-energized. From that point, Playcold went on to play a few other familiar songs, as well as a few I hadn’t heard before, all of which were pretty good. It’s also worth mentioning how good and clear everything sounded, at least from my vantage point, so kudos to whoever was running sound.

Watch a video I took of Playcold performing with Jalin Roze below:

Next up was Kogan Dumb, who blasted through an energetic set continuing the momentum that Playcold initiated.  The last time I watched Kogan perform was at Highlands Taproom, a much smaller spot, so I was curious to see how he’d look on the big stage at Mercury Ballroom.  In short, he fucking owned every square inch of that platform.  It was impossible not to be hyped on his passionate energy as he truly seems to be genuinely into every line he recited.  He has a lot to be stoked on lately, as he just released another fabulous album titled 38 Bucks Club, which is absolutely worth your time, but more on that at another time.

Pictured Above: Kogan Dumb performs at Mercury Ballroom

Sadly, due to the show’s late start I was unable to stay late enough to watch Nick Burke and crew, which is unfortunate because I’m sure he killed it. By the time Kogan Dumb wrapped things up, it was after midnight, and because I’m a responsible human being I decided to get a cab and go home. I had adult stuff to do on a Saturday morning, and adult stuff has to be taken care of, right?  I understand that shows start late all of the time, and yes I’m aware that there are frequent late editions to lineups all of the time, but why does it have to be that way?  Why do shows seemingly have to be running behind so often?  Why?  WHY?!?  Oh, the humanity.