WATCH: Tender Mercy – “Young Again” (Folk-O-Rama Session)

Now that the weather has softened and the temperature continues to drop, I’ve felt it to be mandatory practice to utilize my fire pit as often as possible. The warm feeling you get from a blazing pile of logs while sitting outside in the cold is incredibly euphoric, especially at night when the stars are on display. Sure, it sucks that Summer is officially finished, and Fall has already seemingly begun to fade away, but on the bright side that means I have the opportunity to embraces all of my favorite autumn-related activates, whether it be sitting by a fire, eating way too much pumpkin pie, or listening to my favorite chilly-weather albums.

Speaking of music that maximizes my Fall experience, the serene noise that Tender Mercy certainly falls into that category. Seemingly on queue, Mark Kramer (the mastermind behind TM) has a brand new song and music video streaming that showcases his ability to create tranquil, reverb soaked slow jams that are about as pleasantly warming as a smoldering fire coupled with a glass of fine bourbon. “Young Again” is an exclusive track that was recorded/filmed by Jesse Ceilings for his Folk-O-Rama record label on the most recent Tender Mercy tour. I’m not sure if this track will be available as a downloadable file, but for now, sit back, relax, and watch the video below:

Watch Tender Mercy perform live this Saturday, November 14 at Modern Cult‘s new location (1036 Bardstown Road) alongside The Parade Schedule, Fauna and Scot Torres.  For more information on the event, go here.