LISTEN: Mercy Academy – “Let the Dogs Bite”

Feeling wistful for that long lost something or other? Maybe it was a relationship gone south or your bygone youth. Either way, Mercy Academy have you covered. Their new single Let the Dogs Bite has that kind of breezy, if remorseful vibe that makes you think reminisce on times gone by in a tuneful way that tugs at your inner melancholy. This is raincoat weather, when the sky is gray and pregnant with the possibility of a sleepy day spent watching slow art films and contemplating life’s great mysteries. Mercy Academy certainly skew towards late-90’s/early-aughts emo with higher registered vocals and twee guitar work, but they pull back just at the brink of falling into any one particular trope or stylistic groove; they are certainly putting their own unique stamp on the genre ideal for fans of alt-country and delicate indie.

We’re fortunate to debut this track here (a Never Nervous exclusive!) in anticipation of their upcoming 2016 Little Heart Records release. You can listen to it below and get stoked for something after Episode VII, which if you are me consumes a lot of your mental energy nowadays. I know I shouldn’t want to skip through time and miss things, but can’t it just be December 18th already? I need more lightsabers in my life. Check them out below, and know that you’ve got something else to look forward to after the all the holidays and wookies have long since passed. After all, these are the droids you’re looking for.

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