LISTEN: Bad People – “Forever”

There is something entirely ironic about posting a link to a track from a band named Bad People the day after an especially crushing election, but here we are. The thing is, these aren’t the sort of bad people that we should all worry about, unless your definition of bad in this context is for a group of people to collaborate on some vicious instrumental indie a la classic Don Caballero, but with a bit more of a post-rock influence. This feels like the kind of track that you want to listen to when you are cutting teachers’ pensions and defunding Kynect doing something righteous in a video game, like making that one jump that you never could or slaying a dragon or something along those lines. I’ve listened to this song now about five times while writing this and sorting out all the links down below, and it’s as epic on the fifth play through as on the first, so you know it has a little staying power.

What makes this even sweeter is that it’s part of the Little Heart Records Sampler that’s coming out this weekend as part of the tenth anniversary celebration. It comes free at the door to the show on a that crisp compact disc format that we all know and love, and is available digitally for $5 on itunes. So you might not have insurance or a pension in the state of Kentucky soon, but Little Heart at least wants you to have something nice. And there is a lot to offer on this comp, which again illustrates just how incredibly diverse the catalogue is at the label. Is that why they’ve made it ten years? I can’t say, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to cultivate a wide audience united in many cases only in the sense that the music is quality and succeeds at whatever the musicians have set out to do. Little Heart is a fucking fantastic institution in any state, and we’re all the more better for having them around. Cheers to the next ten years of music, friends!
You can listen to the track below and peep the Never Nervous exclusive look at the upcoming track listing. It’s going to knock your damned socks off.
Fast Friends – Better Part of a Year*
Everyone Leaves – Oh Man*
Greyhaven – Blondie*
Samuel Powers – Boy Meets Girl (Acoustic)* 
Dick Titty Blood Punch – A Matter of Life and Desks 
Satellite Twin – Mechanical Hearts
Bad People – Forever* 
Pissed On – Blasphemy* 
The Contingent – Garbage Island* 

* denotes new, formally unreleased, rare track or a track from an upcoming release