BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Vaderbomb, Tiger Sex & Sweatermeat at Kaiju on HALLOWEEN ’15

As far as Never Nervous is concerned, there is only one holiday that actually matters, and that holiday is motherfucking HALLOWEEN. It’s that time of year where you feel compelled to watch a shit ton of horror films and shamelessly eat boat loads of candy, two of my absolute favorite past times.  If those two happenings alone don’t get you aroused, you might want to check your pulse to make sure you aren’t one of the undead.

To celebrate Halloween ’15, I had a few friends over to hand out candy to the hordes of (mostly) appreciative costume-clad children.  We sat around a flaming fire pit in my front yard and This all served as a precursor to our main event, which happened to be a free show at Kaiju featuring Vaderbomb, Blood Planet, Tiger Sex and Sweatermeat.  That lineup alone would be enough to get Linda Blair’s head to spin right the fuck off of her possessed, rotting neck!

We arrived just in time to watch openers Sweatermeat, who got the party started in a hurry with their danced up weirdo rock and roll noise.  If I’m not mistaken, these folks plan to take a sort of “break” following this show, so if you missed out, tough noogies. 

Next up was Las Vegas punk band Tiger Sex, a group I knew nothing about before their set. I could be wrong, but I don’t think anyone at Kaiju was ready for the delightful over-the-top performance from their screeching singer.  Her charisma was absolutely the driving force behind their presentation of  MC5/Stooges infused of rock and roll.  When the band wrapped things up, I was left starving for more, so I immediately got online and purchased their two-song Prostitution EP, which features a fantastic cover of the Stooges classic “TV Eye”.

I didn’t watch a second of Blood Planet’s set, not because I don’t like Blood Planet, but because they were playing a set consisting only of White Stripes covers, a band I don’t particularly care for.  I spent the duration of their time slot catching up with friends and getting mentally ready for one of Louisville’s finest attractions: VADERBOMB.  As usual, they were on point, full of swagger and loud as fuck.  The crowd/participants were rowdy and receptive as the band ripped through an eardrum melting set full of vintage wrestling call-backs. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Fellow attendee Knight Owl is responsible for the videos presented on this post. Also, in case you were wondering, I’m the idiot dressed as Owen Hart waving the Canadian flag.