WATCH: NigGodIsMyDude – The Coast Ain’t Clear

Did you know that the folks behind Never Nervous are musical whiz kids too? Well gather round’ children, and let me school you on our boy Jake Hellman here and his first hip-hop project NigGodIsMyDude. Hailing from Cincinnati but with Louisville roots in Hellman, the hip-hop group features emcees Kyle David and El Born, with production by Prospek and Cpenn. Hellman contributes here on bass and guitar, although the bass is so sublimated that it took me a bit to ascertain what was what. Of course, as a music nerd I always appreciate the challenge of trying to distinguish between what instrument played what part and when, like some sort of musical hide-and-seek. It speaks to everyone’s production skill here, Hellman included, that there is a sense of restraint an ease to a beat that just seems to float on the air.

And let’s talk about these emcees. I’m not familiar with their work, but both rappers are rock solid with styles that flow incredibly well with one another. Kyle David, the first emcee up, has a Blackalicious vibe to him, which is meant here are high praise. El Born offers a nice counterpoint to that, with a higher tenor that never gets too nasally that is always on point. Both have a rhyme scheme that’s so ill that you might need some Robitussin after listening. There is a sense of unease to the narrative here that is never reflected in their delivery; these fellas know what’s up and they will damn sure prove it.
The video is also done by Hellman, who has done some work with us here at Never Nervous before. The imagery here has a dark and gritty vibe that matches well with the track. The camera work is up close and personal in most shots, for a cramped, giving the video an almost claustrophobic feel to it that only increases the tension here. As a full package, this is a wonderful promo for their upcoming record, leaving us all to only wonder when it will drop. I know I’m ready. Check out the video below and sign off in the comments to tell us how great Jake is. We sure think so.