LISTEN: Lady Pyramid – “Sweet Seashell Dreams”

Psychedelic indie rock four-piece Lady Pyramid have a brand spankin’ new album streaming on the internet airwaves!  Their debut offering, titled Sweet Seashell Dreams features twelve dreamy tracks that rely heavily on the beautiful dueling vocal harmonies from Katy Hartman Anna Roeder.  At times, the way they combine their voices sounds like a mash-up of a melody you’d hear from the likes of Kate Pierson from The B-52’s and The Everly Brothers.

The vocals alone sells me on Lady Pyramid, although the rhythm section is lovely as it serves as the perfect canvas.  After a few listens, a track I find myself going back to is the closer “Birdhouses For Charity” because for me, it perfectly captures the 60’s psychedelic pop sound that this band seems to be so heavily influenced by.

Listen for yourself below:

ALSO WORTH MENTIONING: Lady Pyramid made a music video for their song “Baby Shark” which can be found on the aforementioned new album. The video stars a variety of fish for sale at Meijer, and was originally filmed in Kalamazoo, MI. Enjoy!