WATCH: Skull Avalanche have a new album coming!

Pictured above: Like an avalanche of skulls and shit.

Holy shit! Skull Avalanche have a new album coming out! Real talk: Skull Avalanche was my introduction to Louisville hip-hop a few years ago and I’m fucking stoked that they’re finally dropping a full length record. Having had the privilege of hearing this album already (suckers!), I can tell you that it is fucking boss hog awesome. Touch AC and Nacirema are on point with their rhymes, which skew nerdy more often than not, like a bunch of pissed of Magic the Gathering players. In fact, I imagine that at least one of these new tracks ought to be held in the dingy, poorly lit back room somewhere, smoke everywhere, someone busts out a Red/Black destruction deck or a Black Lotus, and one of the other players flips the table in slow motion. That’s the kind of vibe they have going here and it’s fucking rad.

Of course, you can attribute half of that to the top notch production of Dr. Gonzo and Filthy Rich who split the producer details here, with beats that would make the Wu-Tang cry. This grimy stuff that makes you want to rock a Boba Fett hoodie, and drive real slow by someone’s house with the windows down on your ride. To be crystal clear too: this isn’t nerdcore or whatever that MC Chris jazz is on about, just smart raps that throw out some fun references and razor sharp beats, none of which ever take the audience for granted. Check out the trailer below and get ready for this album to drop later this week.