REVIEW: JK Mabry – “Rivers”

JK Mabry

Last month, JK Mabry released his latest album titled Rivers. Admittedly, this genre of music hasn’t been on my radar at all this year, as I’ve been busy reviewing and playing hip-hop almost exclusively. So while I may not be the most qualified to talk about this album…I’m going to anyway. Isn’t that what you came to Never Nervous for?

Rivers is mostly hit or miss for me. The production is great and the album is chock full of talented musicians. JK really hits the mark on “Come Around Part 1.” It’s a slow song with heartfelt lyrics and big sounding production.

Personally, I feel like he misses the mark when he’s heavily influenced by the southern rock/country genre on songs like “Whiskey and Perfume.” I grew up on old school country and southern rock, and I’ve played it my whole life, so I’m not being biased against the genre. Maybe he grew up in the South or with heavy southern ties, but it doesn’t come off as being genuine on the album. That being said, it isn’t terrible and it’s well played. Just something about it seems off, even if he’s being sincere to his roots.

All in all, I wasn’t mad about listening to this album. JK seems like he is exploring multiple genres of influence and that’s definitely admirable. I would like to hear more of the stuff like “Come Around Part 1” or the bluesy title track “Rivers.” That’s when he’s at his best, and that’s why this album is worth a listen.