MOVIE MONDAYS: Thommy Browne LOVES Talkin’ Horror Movies!

Thommy has been acting a little strange lately…
To say that Thommy Browne is a friend of Never Nervous would be a drastic understatement. Over the last few years he’s helped out with the site’s design, been a guest on two episodes of The Never Nervous Podcast, all in stride while continuing to be one of Louisville’s most excellent dudes. Over the years he’s played drums in a heap of important hardcore bands including By the Grace of God, Endkindel and Automatic to name a few.

Nowadays Thommy plays drums in Miracle Drug, a newish band that plays good old fashioned, loud-as-fuck 90’s style hardcore in the vein of bands like Inside Out and Burn. Get a load of their recent demo below:

Considering that Halloween is this Saturday, we asked Thommy a few questions about some of his favorite horror films, and as usual, he was kind enough to grant us a few answers..

Never Nervous: What would you consider to be the best horror movie of the last five years?

Thommy Browne: I honestly can’t think of anything other than Babadook off the top of my head. I’m sure that there were plenty of others, but honestly, I’m not that big of a horror buff. But I am the best interviewee EVER.

NN: What is your favorite horror franchise, and of that series, which is your particular favorite installment?

TB: Thinking out loud here: I really enjoy Creepshow and Creepshow 2, but there isn’t a common villain. I grew up watching all the Halloween movies, Friday The 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street movies, so I love all of them. If I had to choose one I’d go with Evil Dead, because … “I’LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL

NN: Over the last 15 years or so, there have been a shit-ton of horror film remakes, most of which have been complete failures. Can you think of one that actually ended up being pretty good, if not better than the original?

TB: A horror remake that is good?! I’m not going to get real deep into this question because I’m not very passionate about remakes, but I was pretty happy with the American remake/version of Let The Right One In (Let Me In)..

NN: I know this is a tough question, but fuck it, I’ll ask you anyway: What would you consider to be the scariest movie you’ve ever seen, and what is so damned spooky about it?

TB: Martyrs fucked me up. The Exorcist still kinda fucks me up. Especially when you get into all the weird circumstantial shit that happened during and after the filming of the movie. Plus, everyone loves Captain Howdy.

NN: The zombie genre has become such an integral part of modern pop culture that I feel it almost obligatory to ask you what your favorite zombie movie is.. so yeah, which animated corpse flick do you prefer?

TB: Shaun of the Dead, hands down.

NN: Of all the actors that have portrayed Dracula, which Dracula is your favorite Dracula?

TB: Jason Segel, as a puppeteer playing Dracula in “Dracula’s Lament”, at the end of Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Go see Miracle Drug play Friday, November 13th at The New Vintage alongside Pissed On and Street Rat + More TBA; Go here for more information on the event.