WATCH: Bryson Tiller made a Music Video for “Sorry Not Sorry”

From my vantage point, Louisville rapper Bryson Tiller came out of no where as he swiftly released a record on a major label seemingly out of the blue. He continues to quickly grow in popularity not just regionally, but on the national stage. The details on his backstory are a bit foggy to me, as are his connections with Drake, but what I’m certain of is how fucking fantastic his debut album TRAPSOUL is. Aside from his apparent love of Star Wars (hey, me too!), he currently can seem to do no wrong, at least in my eyes.

Get hyped on Bryson Tiller by watching a music video featuring his song “Sorry Not Sorry” below where you’ll get to see him rap in a few obscure locations around town, as well as a burning mattress in the middle of a random sidewalk.  To top it off, this track features a nice familiar sample from Street Fighter II.  Check it out: