LISTEN: TinyForest – “Z Pack”

Pictured above: Get mild as fuck in this parking lot.

It’s hard to imagine any artist remaining so prolific and still being a solid listen on every recording, but here we are with TinyForest. Having covered his material for years now, I can hear a pronounced shift in his production, from trap heavy beats in a vaporwave haze, to the streamlined hip-hop beats chopped and screwed here, like Madlib by way of David Banner. This is righteous stuff that commands you nod your head and that rewards repeat listens with ridiculous samples that pop out at you and holler at your nostalgia. Hell, I’ve written more than half of this with my eyes closed and my head in a slow nod that emphasizes the beat; this is catchy stuff and easy to zone out to. Sit back and let TinyForest take you on a ride.

Listen below and get all the way mild.