WATCH: Allen Poe – “Phantom’s Crescendo”

Pictured above: Get mild in your mind’s eye, cousin.

If there is better weather for listening to Allen Poe, I’m not sure what that would be. He makes some of the mildest hip-hop on the block, which would seem like a contradiction of terms that hip-hop could or even should be laid back, but her we are. Per usual Poe has some of the dopest production on the block, an airy sort of vibe that recalls the best of Stones Throw as filtered through a lucid dream. A cut from one of the best named records of the century, Clear and Present Banger, Phantom’s Crescendo floats on a cool breeze into your subconscious, with a beat that is incredibly catchy and a rhyme flow like high thread count silk, smooth and comforting.

The video is simple, but works in that same kind of dreamy way as the music, with footage of travel, Poe’s environment, and his on stage presence. It’s awesome to see him hanging out with friends and just in general being an easy to be around dude in public. Allen Poe’s work with Pixel Pushers, seen here and on the most recent Shadowpact, is as always on point, and we can all only hope there is more to come. Hit him up this week on Thursday in Lexington at The Foundation and on Friday in Louisville at Spinelli’s to celebrate the release of Still Eatin’, dropping now in a physical format. Check out the video below and be prepared to get all the way mild.