LISTEN: Tall Squares – “Broke & Lucky”

“Slacker rock” trio Tall Squares have been, and continue to be a band that I can’t get enough of this year, as I absolutely fell in love with their debut full length So Heavy For So Long a few months ago. Their brand of straight forward, gritty, yet poppy indie rock is incredibly infectious, and from my perspective completely unique in Louisville’s current “scene.” 

Now that I’ve professed my adoration of the noise these dudes make, it is my pleasure to introduce to you a brand spankin’ new track from Tall Squares titled “Broke & Lucky,” a tasty little number that will be featured on an EP that’s currently in the works slated to hit the streets in the Spring of ’16.  In addition to the new effort, the song will also be showcased on this year’s massive Head Cleaner compilation via Gubbey Records.  This track, which was recorded and produced by Brian Sweeney at Orange and Brown Audio Lounge, kind of has a Replacements meets The Dismemberment Plan vibe going for it, which in my book is fucking awesome! 

Get a load of the “Broke & Lucky” below: