LISTEN: Satellite Twin – “Cracks And Stains (on the marquee slogan)”

Artwork by Damon Thompson

I’m sitting here struggling to put into words how much I like Satellite Twin. Is it the fact that they manage to do exactly what I wished I had done in my early 20’s with music? Is it some kind of nostalgia related to the previous statement, or the music that seems to have influenced them? Maybe. Maybe it’s all those things and more. All I know is that with the release of the Mechanical Hearts EP, they have quite obviously evolved as a band into something more than the sum of their parts. This is music beholden to a certain time and place that transcends both and they are firing on all cylinders here, as the track “Cracks and Stains (on the marquee slogan)” so wonderfully illustrates. For fans that like their Unwound or Fugazi with a little King Crimson, you’re in luck.

Listen below and get psyched for their new release out on Gubbey Records this Saturday with Cher Von and The Instruction.