WATCH: Dr. Dundiff – “Rare Candies”

Dr. Dundiff is known as one of the mightiest producers in this city, but for those not in the know, Dundiff is an equally gifted emcee, as evidenced here with the release of Rare Candies. I can’t say for sure, but I do believe that this is the preface to a proper release by the Dr. D, which is entirely unexpected as he was allegedly set to move to LA post-Forecastle. The word on the street (and we at Never Nervous know all about the streets) is that Dundiff stuck around to record his entire Forecastle set with Kevin Ratterman, and this just goes to show you that he eats, sleeps, and breathes music; dude is making albums in between making albums.

The video for Rare Candies is kind of a nod to that move, with rhymes that talk about acknowledging someone in the now and not waiting for them to pass on to some other phase of their life. The imagery herein matches that vibe, with Dundiff in a number of transitory states, from driving around town or walking down alleyways, to riding the escalator in the airport off to some other destination (spoiler: he’s leaving the Louisville airport, so maybe he’s just going to the Crittendon Drive Cracker Barrel for some hashbrown casserole and pancakes, bay-bee). It’s a nice video though that highlights not only Dundiff’s skill as a producer, one that no one ever doubted, but his talent as a rapper. 
Watch it below and let us know what you think.