REVIEW: New Bravado – “Sun and Moon”

New Bravado
Sun and Moon
Gubbey Records

The beauty in what New Bravado does shows itself in their ability to deconstruct a song into what feels like complete chaos before snapping the song and the listener back into immediate reality. “Oh yea, I forgot I was listening to a song.” I found myself thinking that a lot because the music is like a trance. It’s as if you’re riding the bass line like a magic carpet in warp drive. I’m actually pretty sure I went plaid at some point.

So it’s easy to imagine that this album is fun right? Who doesn’t like tripping balls to some sweet psychedelic blues rock? Sun and Moon is the perfect mix of just about every genre of in-your-face rock ‘n’ roll I can think of. It’s heavily influenced by the psychedelia blues of the 60’s but not in a constricting way. They build from that with 70’s Deep Purple-esque riffs, tones that are reminiscent of Soundgarden, and top notch songwriting and production.

Sun and Moon is most interesting on songs like “Vacant” that have peculiar chord changes and jazzy guitar picking. It really shows the versatility of this band. “Vacant” is a tripped-out head-bobbing masterpiece. It’s not the only song that takes advantage of this formula, “Bit by Piece” is another idiosyncratic jam.

I highly recommend Sun and Moon to any fan of loud guitars and grooving rhythms, particularly if you’re the type of person who goes on the occasional burn cruise. It’s a brilliant rock album so you won’t need to burn anything to enjoy it, but it definitely doesn’t hurt.

Listen to their song “Vacant” below: