LISTEN: Miracle Drug – DEMO

Fans of quality hardcore have a reason to celebrate: Miracle Drug has a four-song demo streaming at their bandcamp page. This offering, which was recorded by Trip Barriger at Treehouse Audio serves as a nice introduction to what hopefully leads into a proper record release, although I’m not sure what the plan is going forward.  For now, I’ll pay the price of admission (1 dollar) and enjoy the noise.

Aren’t familiar with Miracle Drug? Think of them as a bunch of hardcore/punk veterans that make good old fashioned, loud-as-fuck 90’s style hardcore in the vein of bands like Inside Out and Burn. This troupe consists of singer Bricks Avalon (C.R.), bassist Jeremy Holehan (Supertouch), guitarist Matt Wider (Mouthpiece, Automatic) and drummer Thommy Browne (By the Grace of God, Automatic).

Listen to the new demo below: