White Reaper + Zanzabar = CHAOS

Two days ago, White Reaper made a statement at Zanzabar: They are the best band to see in Louisville. Their infectious riffs and easy to remember sing-along melodies are like the bath salts of music. From the first note people were crawling on top of each other and hanging from the rafters. Literally… you read that right; people were in the rafters all night. Security tried to stop it with a flashlight and that served as further entertainment.

This White Reaper set was the best time I’ve had at a Louisville show since I first started going to shows around 1999. It had the same vibe that shows in those days had. It’s a feeling of chaos, like anything could happen at any moment because of the pure joy that’s coursing like lava through our veins. All of it fueled by these catchy White Reaper rock songs.

The most impressive thing about White Reaper is how great they sound live. If you close your eyes it’s not much different than the album. The tone of the keys, Tony’s screeching voice, it’s all about as close to perfect as a live band can be. They aren’t all hype; they are the real fucking deal.

While I was having one of the best nights in recent memory, it was easy to see White Reaper was too. Tony repeatedly said, “It’s so great to be here tonight. Thank you.” The bass player Sam even said, “This is the best night of my life… all your dreams can come true.” It was never more evident how much fun they were having than when the encore came around. The crowd chanted “one more song” for about 3 minutes before the band came back and said, “We’re going to do something silly.” Then they busted into a four-song Ramones cover set. Goddamn it was fun.

If you have the chance to see White Reaper, don’t miss it. Watch video a our friend Kevin took of the band playing their song “Sheila” below: