LISTEN: Bird Zoo – “Cigarette Shrimp (Prod. By William Hines)”

Bird Zoo return with a track that plods along with a sinister kind of groove that saunters and seethe into your ears. With Cigarette Shrimp (prod. by William Hines), the boys offer up a grimy track that works best at night, a quiet multi-layered beat that privileges the space between notes as much as any specific melody; this is as close to minimalist hip-hop as I’ve heard in a while. Of course Kogan Dumb and Jasun K are as on point as always, with rhymes that fit the mood here. Kogan Dumb handles the hook and first verse, with Jasun K coming in last but not least. This is music for the after party, or the after after party, where things are ramping down and the events of the night are catching up with you for better or worse.

You can listen to it below and think about how you would contextualize this into film or as a narrative.