LISTEN: Street Rat go hard with “Deity”!

If you want to rage against the machine -and damn if there isn’t plenty of machine to rage against- then Street Rat is right up your alley. This is why God made mosh, so that you could get out all that angsty male brutality in the way that only Kid Rock can love. And this is almost guaranteed to frighten old people that think that devil worshiping music is still a thing. So there is that. Never Nervous is proud to premiere Deity, a single meant to wet your appetite for their upcoming split with Pissed On, who apparently would rather not be pissed off, but… well, you get it.

This is some serious throw back thrash metal and Street Rat lean hard into that identity. You’ll find plenty of pinch harmonics and mosh parts, alongside a lot of screamed lyrics. Per usual, the guitar is the driving force here, but everyone holds their own really well. The musicianship here is solid and the production is slick. There are plenty of reasons to want to throw a lawnmower at your enemies and wash yourself in their tears listening to Deity, and this is just a starter; for fans of the genre you have to be pumped for more to come.

You can catch Street Rat this weekend with Another Mistake, Pissed On, Miracle Drug, G.L.O.S.S. – Girls Living Outside of Society’s Shit, and Downside at Spinellis Downtown for an all ages gig on Sunday. You can catch them again as part of the table flipping madness that will be the Little Heart Records Tenth Anniversary celebration that features a slew of righteous Louisville sound demons. Get your skis shined up for some badassery this month and let Street Rat be the soundtrack to all your jump kicks. And maybe to any nunchuckery that you get into. I’m not sure if that’s a word, but it damned sure should be.
Listen to Deity below and vent all your madness. Like the Emperor would do.