LISTEN: PRFBBQ Louisville Compilation

It’s almost the weekend and the weather is right, so what do you do? Flip a goddamned table and do jump kicks, that’s what you do, or at least that’s what I want to do. In my heart, I’m always the king of all that is rowdy; I am the one that air drums like an animal walking down Bardstown Road, who will headbang without any shame at a show while everyone else stands rigidly, arms crossed, holding their beers delicately. If you can feel any of that, the PRFBBQ Louisville is for you. Held at the Mag Bar and the Cure Lounge, the three day event is a celebration of loud amps and good times, featuring a staggering who’s who of righteous beasts playing all sorts of brash music designed to rile up the Tipper Gores of the world into a mouth-frothing frenzy of Puritanical rage. All that, and they have free food the whole weekend with the price of admission, so what more could you want?

We could list all the bands, but why do that when the hero organizers of the PRFBBQ have created a sampler just for your ear holes to get stoked for the good times? You can listen below and pump your fists to bands like Babe Rage or American Lesions (appearing here, I believe, for the first time). It’s a solid comp and looks to be an amazing show. So get in the pit and try to love someone next weekend, but don’t spill their beers or knock the free hot dogs out of their hands, because that shit just ain’t right.