BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Seven Sense Festival was a SPICY Good Time!

Pictured Above: Black Birds of Paradise inside Zanzabar

Folks in Louisville should feel privileged to have the opportunity to attend so many great festivals that feature a wealth of quality bands and artists. This year alone I’ve managed to be present at Gonzo Fest, Poorcastle and Forecastle, all of which were a great time. Seven Sense Festival, which happened yesterday in Germantown was no different as I truly had a fucking blast. 

Spread across four stages (two indoors and two outdoors) there were a ton of performances to get a load of, and to my delight there were plenty of food trucks and brewers around in case I was hungry or in need of an adult beverage. Speaking of beer, sometime around 8 o’clock the folks inside the Bell‘s tent tapped a keg of Habanero Mango Oberon, which was absolutely outstanding. Normally I’m not a fan of most Summer beers, but this shit was the tops. Which leads to a serious adult question: Why don’t you see more jalapeño and habanero beers in bottles? I’ve seen Country Boy‘s Nacho Bait around town a few times, but that’s it. I want more! Help!

I arrived around 2PM, just in time to watch 1200 perform. From that point on, I was engaged and ready to watch as much music as possible while consuming brews and spending time with some truly excellent people. Below you can watch a few videos I took of the performances I was able to catch.

WARNING: The video footage below was taken while under the influence of delicious alcohol, so if it’s a bit shaky, that’s why.