WATCH: Teal Grapefruit – Naseau

Teal Grapefruit continue to impress with their video for Nausea. I’m not quite sure how they reconcile their noisier indie rock tendencies with a pop sensibility, but they seem to exist in that sweet spot of imminent listenability and jangling weirdo-ness. The music here plays like The Monorchid on cough syrup, albeit with a bit more post-punk involved. The breakdown at the end enters into monolithic prog territory, all of which is punctuated by the singers morose baroque meanderings. This is thought provoking music and surprisingly easy to listen to given the confluence of influences at play.

The video reminds me of an excellent The For Carnation show that I caught at the Speed Museum some years ago that featured the band performing in one room behind a canvas, with singer Brian McMahan singing by himself apart from the band in a different room. In that sense it contextualized how the band centered around the vocals, a concept made more pertinent by the fact that McMahan was the sole member through all of the incarnations of the project. Here it serves a similar function, at least in that it shows how utterly exposed a singer is in comparison to his bandmates, alone with nothing but a mic and his words. It’s a cool concept and pairs nicely with the music. Check it out below and tell us what you think.