LISTEN: Cher Von – “Kuhh Duhh 1”

Get stoked kids, because Never Nervous has the goods. We’re excited to share an exclusive track from the upcoming Cher Von, the haunting Kuhh Duhh. The record is coming out in a few weeks on auralgamiSOUNDS who are just fucking killing it with everything they do, with this being no different. Here’s the deal: you grab a pre-order today or any time before the show, and you get a free auralgamiSOUNDS sticker and commemorative flyer for the release show of ‘Kuhh Duuh.’ The show is on August 30th, a Sunday, and is the last show for Cher Von in Louisville for a while, since she’s moving to California. She’s playing with Tender Mercy, Camera Lucida, and Yoko Molotov, and it’s going to be as awesome as everything Cher Von does. And spoiler alert: I’ve heard this album and it’s fucking great!

Listen below and hit up the pre-orders here like the hero that you are.