REVIEW: Skyscraper Stereo – “Scrape or Die!”

Skyscraper Stereo
Scrape Or Die!
Little Heart Records

In case you didn’t know, it’s #ScrapeorDieWeek. Scratch that, it’s #ScrapeorDieLife. This week, we finally get a chance to hear the long awaited new album from Skyscraper Stereo. These dudes have been releasing hot tracks for nearly 10 years now and Scrape Or Die! seems like their coming of age album. It’s not that they’ve matured in the content of their lyrics, songs like “Short Bus” on this album are the crude and childish fun that we’ve come to expect from them, but musically they have grown leaps and bounds.

From the first laser sound of the “Intro,” it’s easy to tell that this album is going to sound different from Homebois in Outer Space. The intro track to Homebois had a sci-fi flavor, but this new album hits you with a blaster to the ear-pussy and never stops. This album is louder, and sounds clearer, and it’s just overall better than the last. It’s really well done.

The grooves are infectious. “Ain’t Nobody Got Time” is a dance track with an intoxicating tribal groove. It makes me want to grind against things, and my wife’s getting tired of it. It’s the perfect song to make up dance moves that nobody’s seen yet, like this.

Easily my favorite moment on the album is when Bruce Springsteen is sampled for a song called “That Ass Tho.” I relate more to this version of Bruce’s lyrics, when he says “I’ve got a bad desire” and you realize that Chuck MF Deuce sampled it because it’s how he feels about booty. It’s unexpected, but it works perfectly and leaves me wanting more Springsteen twerk joints.

This album also features some songs that you may be familiar with from the last year. Tracks like “American Dollars,” “Ya Boy Get’s Right,” and “Turn Up Greens” have probably made their way across your Facebook page. If not, you really need to get on youtube and check them out. Speaking of “America Dollars,” it’s my favorite Skyscraper track of all time. Something about the computer voice that says, “1, 2, 3, 4, American Dollars” hits me in the right spot.

When we asked these guys what the meaning behind the phrase Scrape Or Die was on our podcast, they told us it was a call to arms to all their fans. Skyscraper Stereo have been giving us quality music since 2006, it’s time for us to give back. Scrape up all your change and support this group. They’ve put in the work, it’s time they reap the rewards. SCRAPE OR DIE!