Louisville Hip-Hop Bosses on their top Ghostface and Raekwon Cuts!

This week has been hot fucking garbage for me in the worst possible way (spoiler: my family was the victim of a robbery). It’s got us all on edge and stressed out, not to mention sweating how to pay to replace stuff, although fortunately it’s just stuff to replace. The good news, and this is the best news if you ask me, is that I’m going on a date with my beautiful wife to see Raekwon and Ghostface tonight at the Mercury Ballroom. We need this, and I know these fellas are going to deliver. For my money, I would love to hear Nutmeg, one of the all-time greatest hip-hop songs ever, and the only track I know to call someone “a motherfucking crybaby.” I’m just going to pretend that this song is from Tony Starks to me, because I want the guy that made this video to yell at my enemies.

In the spirit of the day, we asked some local emcees to tell us what Raekwon and Ghostface songs hit them the hardest. Read on and get hyped to see them tonight.

Mr. Goodbar: Gotta be Verbal Intercourse. RZA’s timeless production paired with Rae and Ghost’s darts over that icky flute sampled from The Emotions’If you think it (you may as well do it)” is flat out bonkers. Add the first ever Wu-Tang feature in one Nasty Nas and you officially have a classic! One of my all time favorites.

Filthy Rich: First off, OBFCL is a classic album but, some of my favorite Raekwon songs from OBFCL2. “Surgical Gloves” is one of my personal favorite off that album, no features and a sick Alchemist beat. My favorite Ghostface track at the moment is “How You Like Me Baby” off the Apollo Kids album, no features and a nasty Pete Rock beat. These two dudes got so many collaborative tracks between them Verbal Intercourse, Ice Cream, Rec-Room Therapy, are great tracks, but R.A.G.U. might be my personal favorite between them.

Sleye Kooper: I tried for like an hour to type this while throwing up the W. It was very difficult but I did it. I’d have to say GZA’S Investigative Reports featuring Rae and Ghost with U-God on the hook. From start to finish this track sets your ear holes on fire verse after verse of heat all on top of one of my favorite beats ever. I have listened to this track and was instantly inspired to lay down some rhymes myself. W!

Modern Marvill: Favorite Rae and Ghost collaboration is undoubtedly “Guillotine (Swordz)” from the classic hip hop album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Can’t say anymore about this album that hasn’t already been said and praised, but this track has always been my favorite. The nasty, grimey production from RZA with the ridiculous, in your face, relentless verses from both Rae and Ghost, along with Inspectah Deck and GZA makes this one my pick. Always stays in my rotation.

Allen Poe: Camay is my favorite.  It has Capadonna on it with both of them.  It’s basically them spitting game to various xx chromosomed species, convincing the Earths to fix the Gods plates of turkey bacon while they compliment them on their soft skin and pretty hair.  Really all the shit Marvin Gaye used to sing about but put in much simpler terms.