WATCH: Andrew Rinehart – “Nude Descending a Staircase”

In what seems to be the distant, remarkably more temperate past, we reported on the release of the song “Nude Descending a Staircase” by erstwhile Louisville ex-pat Andrew Rinehart. It’s a lovely song coiled tightly with restraint and a collected cool that generates a brooding tension. Now you can see that discipline and control in action with the release of the in studio video for the song. Recorded at La La Land, Rinehart is joined by Drew English on guitar, Matt Filip of The Wrists on bass, the multi-talented instrumentalist Cheyenne Mize on violin, and Scott Carney from Wax Fang on drums. The video was filmed by Mike Reyes, with editing by Andrew Sellers & Kris Ellison-Baete. It was recorded and mixed by Kevin Ratterman and produced by Andrew Sellers for Rinehart Media.

It’s a great song and watching it played live is a nice touch here, if just to see how it was all put together. According to the info on Youtube, we can expect a new album sometime soon, which is good news considering that all his previous work has been so well received on our end. It’s really great stuff. Check out the video below.