Jim James joins Dr. Dundiff & Co. at the Ocean Stage
I woke up Saturday morning somewhat hungover, but super excited about day two of Forecastle 2015.  The night before was a fucking blast, but I was anxiously ready for more noise.  Yeah, I knew the 90+ degree heat would be a factor, but seriously, what kind of douche lord would let that get in the way of an unforgettable, delicious time?  NOT ME! Read on for my own personal drunken recap of FC ’15 day two!
WARNING: The shitty pictures you are about to encounter were all taken by me from my vantage point.  If you want quality photography, go here.
Mariachi El Bronx
Mariachi El Bronx were simply fantastic, serving as a beautifully unusual way to start the second day of Forecastle.  Just as I was thinking “they must be so damned hot in those suits” singer Matt Caughthran hollered “Why are we wearing suits, this is so fucked!”  Indeed. Watch a video a friend of ours shot below:

Dr. Dundiff & Friends
HOLY SHIT.  Where do I even start?  Since Jalin Roze blew the doors off of Forecastle last year, it made perfect sense that Dr. Dundiff would be playing this year’s fest. But holy fuck, I’m not sure Forecastle anticipated that he’d bring Louisville’s entire hip hop scene onto the same stage!  Over the course of an hour or so, Louisville’s finest emcees collectively put on one of the finest live performances I’ve ever witnessed, and to make things even more memorable, Jim James (WTF?!) joined the party for one last 9+ minute jam.  Seriously, HOLY SHIT.
Watch a two-part video of Jim James performing with Dr. Dundiff & Friends a buddy of ours shot below:

I’m in love with the nasal, barking voice of Broncho‘s Ryan Lindsey. They brought a raw, dangerous energy to Forecastle that is hard to find in a festival setting.  If you haven’t been listening to their Just Hip Enough To Be Woman record, you’re doing it wrong! Get with it, dumbass!

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks were such a good time.  Admittedly, I’m getting a little tired of the 60’s garage punk revival, but these dudes manage to keep it fresh and exciting.  In a weird way, they make smoking cigarettes appealing, like I’m missing out on something awesome. 


The last time I watched electro-pop duo Cherub play, it was in front of 20 people at Zanzabar.  I seriously had no idea that they have gotten so damned big that they’d attract 1000+ people to their set.  They played a mix of older tracks and new ones from their latest Year Of The Caprese record.I danced my ass off so hard that I wore out a pair of shoes.  In other words, if you can’t have a good time watching Cherub, you may want to check your god damned pulse.

Yes, I watched My Morning Jacket, but I was so far away from the stage that a shitty picture would be so shitty that it would serve absolutely no purpose. While I’m not a MMJ fanatic, it’s always exciting to see a few Louisville dudes bring the house down in front of thousands of people.  Throughout their set I hung out with beautiful friends, and to make a long story short, I had a beautiful fucking time.  Forecastle 2015 day two was a major success!  On to day three!