BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Poorcastle 2015 was a Great Time, or The Greatest Time?!

The third annual Poorcastle Festival has come and gone, so I suppose now is the time to reflect on my experience personally. Weather aside, I’d consider this year’s three-day event was a major success on multiple levels. First off, the roster of bands put together was, in my opinion the finest yet. I can truthfully say that there wasn’t a single act/group/artist/whatever that I wasn’t genuinely interested in checking out.

Second, the amount of folks that showed up this year was astounding. It seemed as if the space (Apocalypse Brew Works) was packed from start to finish, while the general vibe I sensed was overwhelmingly positive. As silly as this may sound, the aura surrounding Poorcastle was reminiscent of one of those “classic Louisville events,” the sort of happening that reminds you of how truly fuckin’ awesome this city can be. 

Third, the folks behind this festival ran this thing to perfection, and considering the weather wasn’t always perfect, the fact that this thing flowed so smoothly is truly remarkable.  Also, I’d like to mention how delicious the beer from Apocalypse and the bulgogi tacos from the Traveling Kitchen food truck were. Hot damn, experiencing these sorts of things makes me want to move back to Frankfort Avenue as soon as possible!

Unfortunately, I was only able to make it to Saturday and Sunday because of work, chores, and other being-an-adult stuff.  Nevertheless, I took a few videos of a few bands while I still could manage to hold a camera.  Like I said before, the beer was fucking fantastic!

EDITORS NOTE: I took more video than this, but for some reason the files became corrupt. Bogus.