WATCH: Teal Grapefruit – “My Youth”

No one would ever accuse Ma Turner of being a slouch. Turner is one of the most prolific artists in the Lexington scene, having served stints in The Warmer Milks, Salad Influence, CROSS, State Champion, and most recently flying solo with a series of releases under his own name. The thing is, I’m positive that I’m missing projects that he’s worked with, because he stays that busy, somehow without ever diluting the quality of his music. That’s no small feat, being able to have a high output that also manages to always be interesting, if not breathtakingly awesome; I’ve dug everything I’ve heard and Teal Grapefruit is no exception.

His newest project sees Turner reuniting with Salad Influence members Joe Mangum and Phillip Farmer, and CROSS vocalist Clint Colburn. Teal Grapefruit are fucking rad, like a young This Heat filtered through… well… I don’t know. This is just alien pop with a punk rock soul and it’s fucking awesome. The video, filmed by Colburn and his partner while in Germany two years ago, is a blur of sound and images, like a psychedelic collage of imagery. It’s pretty rad and syncs up really well with the music found therein.

According to Turner himself, “Here’s a play by play of the locations as detailed by Clint (him and Erin Eldred shot the footage and I edited it):

  • Running through the field
  • swans
  • stained glass room (a.k.a. The Moorish Kiosk) were shot on the estate of Linderhof Palace (Ludwig II’s 19th Century Palace) in Ettal, Germany. 
  • The stone sculpture was shot in Augsburg, Germany. 
  • The subway footage was shot in Prague.”
The band are playing their first show in about two weeks on July 22nd at Kaiju and then again the next evening at Al’s Bar in Lexington, both with Pigeons, Ecstatic Girth Survival Unit, and Crystalline Roses. You can preview their upcoming album here, and check out the video below.