LISTEN: TinyForest – “Luck//Dynasty”

I slept like hot garbage last night thanks to an infant who was apparently dreaming of jump kicks sleeping next to me. As such, “Luck//Dynasty,” the newest by TinyForest is kind of summing up my mood: shambling, a little melancholy, and definitely slowed down like you just drank all the sizzirup. or whatever the fuck the kids call Nyquil now. This is super chilled out and a little creepy at times, which given the gray clouds in the sky at the time of this writing and my exhaustion seem make for a weird fever dream of a track, like everything is a little sinister and fuzzy around the edges. Maybe this is perfect for robbing a bank as a ghost, or for some kind of lurking figure that probably wants to do more than gank your lunch money or steel you in your jaw. The end result is a track that comes off like a grimy Vaporwave jam, ephemeral, stolen equally from the airwaves and your nightmares, but interesting as is the purview of TinyForest as a producer of all things high quality.

Listen below: