WATCH: Phourist and Photons – “Here’s Some Moonlight For Your Day”

Pictured above: Space is full of cardboard meteors. Duh.
We’re proud to debut the new video from Phourist and the Photons today, and boy is it an awesome video. The band play a kind of piano fueled classic rock, with what to my ears sounds like a little bit of prog rock leaning, although that’s tempered by plenty of pop sensibility. So I just took the long way around in saying that they kind of seem like an indie rock version of Elton John, but if they listened to Peter Gabriel era Genesis (<— you really should click on that link, btw). Maybe it’s the piano in the mix or the progressions, which are busy but never cluttered. This is nice stuff and the accompanying video is super fun, like an episode of Star Trek: TOS as filmed by Wes Anderson. This is nice looking stuff and the perfect accompaniment to the track “Here’s Some Moonlight For Your Day.”

You can catch the band this weekend at the Poorcastle Festival, where they may or may not teleport in from outer space (spoiler alert: they won’t). You can listen to them here and buy their album here (courtesy of sonaBLAST!). Check out the video below to see what we’re on about.