PLAYLIST: Summer Is #1

In case you needed one, we made a righteous playlist to make your Summer the best Summer that has ever Summered. Spanning 30 songs, the three of us submitted 10 songs each, new and old, that particularly reminded us of warmer weather-related happenings such as jumping into pools, chugging cans of beer, fishing, laying in a hammock, grilling the fuck out, etc. If you enjoy any of these Summer-related activities, make your life better by giving this thing a listen.

The playlist is titled “Summer Is #1” and features a mix of Louisville bands/artists and those found elsewhere. The first 10 songs were submitted by me (Phil), the second 10 by Syd, and the last ten by Jake, in case you wanted to know who was suggesting what. We have somewhat agreeable feelings on what Summer sounds like, but our tastes certainly aren’t the same, which is somewhat obvious throughout this mix.

Listen to “Summer Is #1” below; Subscribe to this playlist on Spotify!