REVIEW: State Champion – “Fantasy Error”

State Champion
Fantasy Error
Sophomore Lounge

State Champion are fucking fun. Their blend of southern punk rock is uniquely them, partially because they know how to get loose. While they have the ability to do an old school country tear jerker, they also know how to burn the house down with grimey, lyric driven, country punk.

Fantasy Error is the latest release from State Champion and it’s an album of the year candidate for me. These eight tracks stand out because of the unusual and witty lyrics that are present throughout. Line’s like “I wanna get to know you in an ancient way,” both get me excited and make me think, “what does that mean?” In truth, there are times I don’t know what they are actually talking about, but a feeling resonates regardless.

There are lines on this album that are great for a good laugh as well. “I don’t need no one to jerk me off” and “I just picked my shit up off the floor” are two of my favorites. The reason being that this sounds like some stuff I would say, so I can relate. Being willing to write with that kind of honesty is a talent.

State Champion seem to be maturing as a band and it’s most evident in the song “There is a Highlight Reel.” It’s a “tear in my beer” type of country song but it doesn’t give you the whole story immediately like most sad country songs do. The chorus to the song is “In Hell there is a highlight reel and it replays all the best of your words.” If that’s a true story then hell will be playing all of Fantasy Error on repeat to all the sinners in State Champion.

Listen to Fantasy Error below: