LISTEN: Skyscraper Stereo – “The Hanging Tree”

For a lot of folks, myself included, last Friday was a rough day. Not only did the senseless, racist violence happen in South Carolina, that kind of violence that is unfortunately recurring to an extent that is sickening, but in town the President of the Fraternal Order of Police put the public “on notice” for daring to question police authority, as if the police are above reproach. So the arrival of The Hanging Tree by Skyscraper Stereo seems so incredibly timely, a political screed that matches the tone of the mood.

This is a heavy track that is unflinching in it’s criticisms of the current cultural landscape, with a video to match. The production here by Chuck MF Deuce is a visceral dirge, plodding and monolithic, the ideal platform for the dire subject matter at hand here. This is an anti-racist anthem that resonates perfectly in our unfortunately foreboding cultural climate, but which ends with a ray of hope that we can unite and stand up against oppression of any form. Listen below and make sure to check out the awesome video. This is a great track and easy to get behind.