Phil Montague of KING MONTAGUE helps Pete Nochta by Kicking Out the Jams and Answering Questions About Movies!

Our sports coverage is minimal, as you’d expect considering that Never Nervous is a blog concentrated on covering music-related happenings. However, as you may or may not know by now, former Louisville Cardinals football player Pete Nochta has been diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. To help out with expenses, folks around town have been donating to a Gofundme account, which as of right now has accumulated to a total of $36,400 in only 5 days.  That’s pretty dope.  Wanna donate a few bucks?  Go here.

If you like watching bands play and enjoy adult beverages, you have the opportunity to help even more. This Friday, June 26th, King Montague will be playing a free show from 10PM-2AM at Brownies (237 Whittington Parkway) where all procedes will go toward helping the Nochta family, so feel free to clear your calendar and help someone in need! For more information on this event, go here

KING MONTAGUE are ready to rock for a good cause.

To get you hyped on this show, I thought it’d be fun to ask KING MONTAGUE member and good friend of mine Phil Montague (pictured left) a few questions about movies.  Yes, we normally do this sort of thing on Mondays (MOVIE MONDAYS).. but to hell with that.  We’re doing this today, because.. why not?

Never Nervous: First, talk about the last movie you’ve seen this year whether its new or old.

Phil Montague: The last movie I watched was Amelie, which I’ve seen many times before. There’s just something about the weirdness of the movies of Jeunet and Caro that I really love and I find them infinitely rewatchable. Amelie is one of their more mainstream films, but it was on Netflix and I only own my favorite of their movies, City of Lost Children (starring Ron Perlman in a French movie about a guy who kidnaps kids to steal their dreams), on VHS.

NN: What would you consider to be your favorite movie soundtrack?

PM: Toss up between Rushmore and Royal Tenenbaums, but I’ll go with Rushmore. Wes Anderson movies always have the greatest soundtracks to me. The music fits perfectly with the scenes in the films and Mark Mothersbaugh’s scores are just incredible. The other one that always comes to mind is the soundtrack to Wonder Boys. Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Van Morrison… What’s not to love?

NN: Tell us about your favorite movie about a dinosaur not called Jurassic Park.

PM: Well it has got to be Theodore Rex. right? Whoopi Goldberg as a detective with her partner, Theodore Rex, a T-Rex who somehow was transported to the future and also was just slightly bigger than your average human and looked like a character that was cut from an episode of Dinosaurs on TGIF. I mean, Bud Cort from Harold and Maude was in it, it must be great right?

NN: Talk about your worst experience seeing a movie. What did you see and what was so bad about it?

PM: I don’t go to a ton of movies but probably the worst experience I’ve ever had at a movie was seeing Men in Black II in the theatre. And really only because I saw Men in Black II in the theatre, no other reason really.

NN: Lastly, what would you consider the best wrestling movie ever?

PM: No Holds Barred, bar none. I mean friggin Zeus showed up on WWF Superstars and fought Hogan in “real life” after that movie. How many movie characters can make that crossover to another medium and make a child think it’s real? Not to mention the line by Hogan, after fighting off countless goons and holding up the limo driver by his collar “What’s that smell?” To which the driver replies “Dookie.” They just don’t write ’em like that anymore.