PODCAST: Thommy Browne, Matt Haas, David Cundiff and Jake Miller Talk/Party With Us as Chubbs Guest-Hosts!

Party time, Never Nervous style.
The thirteenth episode of The Never Nervous Podcast is a bit unconventional, and pretty unstructured as it takes place at a party. Joining us for a bit of free-flowing conversation are Thommy Browne (By the Grace of God, The Enkindels, Automatic, Miracle Drug), Matt Haas of Animal Hair Museum, and Cat Bite members Jake Miller and David Cundiff.  Topics include cottonwood trees, Thommy’s new band Miracle Drug, Guy Fieri/Smash Mouth and more!

Unfortunately Syd wasn’t able to be there, but lucky for us our top homie Chubbs participated as a guest host, and for that we are grateful.  We had a really good time doing this in a party setting, and hopefully you have a good time listening to it.

WORTH MENTIONING: Alcoholic beverages were consumed before, during and after this thing. So the volume levels are all over the place and our topic of conversation gets off course quite a bit, but we figure that makes for an entertaining show. Listen below:

In case listening to us talk isn’t enough, you can now watch us talk! Get a load of the highlight reel video from this episode below: