LISTEN: Flagrant Fouls Vol. 1!

Are you ready for some FFFOOOOTTTBAALLLLL!? A Friday Night Par-tay! Well, we won’t have the football part ready, but Never Nervous is hosting a bad ass evening of the hottest party *ahem* PAR-TAY jams in the city tonight, and we’re even going to preview those sweet, sweet janthems (jam-anthems) for you in advance, because we care about your emotional well-being. On deck we’ve got Discount Guns, Aphids, Scuzz Master, and Cat Bite and they all want you in the pit tonight, so that you can love someone. If your day was anything like mine yesterday, where two different jerks yell at you while you’re riding a bike, you probably deserve this. I think there is something rotten in the air in Louisville now, that kind of humidity induced malaise that gets people needlessly riled. What better way to unwind than to start a mosh pit or, I guess, to just nod politely in the background. Whatever it is that folks do nowadays.

Will I review each track? Just a little, but only because you asked. Discount Guns offer up “Things Have Changed,” a blue rock jam in the key of ZZ Top. You can practically hear that these fellas just got paid today, that they are definitely Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers. Aphids comes in hot next with what is by far the most intense track on the list. There’s is a kind of throwback, early-aughts metal that privileges brutal, table flipping riffage, and lots of righteous hollering. The Scuzz Master track is up next, a thing of alt-pop beauty. Here the riffs are thick with fuzzy distortion and imminently sing-along-able verse-chorus action. Last but not least by a long shot, is the mighty Cat Bite, who with this release prove how fucking boss they are. Seriously, this track is intimidating in how fearsome it is, a perfect blend of giant guitars and drums with an almost 80’s pop sensibility.

Listen to Flagrant Fouls V. 1 below, then download it FOR FREE.