REVIEW: Old Baby – “New Music”

Old Baby
New Music

The release of Old Baby‘s third album New Music kind of happened out of no where, at least for me. Unlike their previous two efforts which embraced some form of pre-release promotion, I hadn’t heard anything about this until seeing it randomly materialize on social media.  Nevertheless,  New Music continues Old Baby’s trek into a courageous, experimental universe, an area that most indie rock bands attempt to venture into and end up lost in conceptual space.  Never fear, Old Baby knows the way through this particular final frontier. 

The design of most of these tracks immediately reminds me of Ataxia, a short-lived trio that featured otherworldly musicians John Frusciante, Joe Lally and Josh Klinghoffer.  Like most of their music, Old Baby relies on a steady bass groove, with decorative guitar riffing and progressive synthesizers.  What continues to set these fellas apart from other bands that engage this formula is Jonathan Glen Wood’s unassuming twangy voice, which on paper might sound like a recipe for disaster. 

As weird as that combination may sound, New Music serves as more evidence that Old Baby is on to something that seems undiscovered, and I, for one am in for the expedition.  My personal favorite tracks from New Music include their soulful opening jam “Someday,” a Neil Young-esque rocker called “Necessary” and the slow building seventh track “Visions.” 

Listen to New Music below: