LISTEN: Sea Speak Recordings Release “Blue Summer” Louisville Compilation Tape

The folks behind Sea Speak Recordings are stoked to release their brand new Louisville compilation cassette tape titled Blue Summer. This impressive collection of music features songs from (in alphabetical order) Black Birds of Paradise, Bookshelf, Blood Planet, Graffiti, Jeremy Winkie, Jonathan Glen Wood, Kaleidico, Lady Pyramid, Nada Mas, New Bravado, Spicer, and Twin Limb. That’s a pretty fantastic group, if I don’t mind saying so myself.  I also would like to mention how killer that 8-bit Nintendo themed cover art is!  I didn’t know how bad I wanted to see Louisville’s skyline in the back of a Punchout training montage until now!

This baby hits the streets today, although I’m not entirely sure what record shops will carry this thing.  Either way, I want one, and I will find one.  For more information on this release, go here.

Listen to Blue Summer below:

ALSO WORTH MENTIONING: A release show for Blue Summer will happen tonight at Zanzabar, and will feature Kaleidico, Bookshelf and Blood Planet. For more information on this event, go here.