INTERVIEW: Lyle Edward of Discount Guns Talks About His Band, Dirty Kroger, and His Least Favorite Zoo Animal!

Photo by Louisville Sharp Photography LLC

Garage rock duo Discount Guns have made a name for themselves as creators of quality, big rock and roll songs, although the band’s unconventional lineup consists only of a singer/guitarist and a drummer. Haven’t heard these fellas yet? Get a load of their track “So Far (From Where I Need To Be)” from their debut album Odessa:

This Friday, Discount Guns will be playing at The Cure Lounge as a part of our Flagrant Fouls cassette release show. What on earth is this Flagrant Fouls cassette I’m speaking of?! Basically, we decided to book a show and give out a free release with each band performing… because why not, right?  If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and read more about this event here. In the meantime, get hyped on Flagrant Fouls by reading my conversation with Lyle Edward of Discount Guns

Never Nervous: Tell us about Discount Guns. How’d the band start, and who does what?

Lyle Edward:We met in Illinois working at a Farm Machinery store around 2005. Brad John was a manager and I was a new hire. He handed me a piss cup for my drug test. I passed the test and we became great friends. We’d hang out in the parking lot after work and listen to music for hours. I had horrible taste in music and he saved me when he put Elephant by The White Stripes in his car stereo. At that time, we had never played music together but after listening to that album 2-3 times that night, I think we both knew we would some day. A few weeks later, he taught me how to play a few Oasis songs and the rest is history. He met his future wife around the same time. She graduated college, found a job in Louisville and they moved into a house in the Highlands. I moved away to college at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale and became obsessed with discovering new bands and writing music. We would get together on weekends, write songs and record demos. I graduated in 2009, moved to Louisville and we started a band. About a year later, that band ended and we started from scratch. Went to Doo Wop, rented some microphones and a mixer and self-recorded our debut EP. Let it be known that we were shit on our instruments at the start. We’re still pretty green but learning more and more every day.

Discount Guns consists of Brad John aka John Ford – Vocals, Guitar, Drums and Lyle Edward aka Edward Vincent – Vocals, Guitar, Drums.

NN: My favorite description of your band is “they sound like Neil Diamond only there’s two of them. Two Neil Diamonds.” How would you describe your sound?

LE: Our crazy manager, Percy said that. He’s always talking about how we need dress more like Neil and turn our heart lights on. — Our sound is raw. I don’t think we’ve ever played a song the same way twice. There’s a certain inconsistently-consistent energy created when we play together. It’s primal rock and roll with loads of reverb and fuzz.

NN: How does the song writing process work? Is it a collaborative effort?

LE: There isn’t a concrete process. 99% of the time, the songs just happen. We’ll plug in, start playing around and if something sounds rad, we just keep jamming it. We’ll throw it into our setlist and see what happens. Brad John is precise and thought out. He’s one of the best lyricists that I know and has an amazing talent for songwriting. Occasionally, he’ll come to rehearsal with a song. I’m more of a melody guy. I can’t write lyrics for shit. I work with syllables and fit words in around the melody.

NN: What does the future hold for Discount Guns? Is there a “five year plan?”

LE: There’s no plan. I think if we sat down and tried to plan out our moves, we’d lose interest. Short term…we’re nearly finished with our 2nd album. We’ll release it, play some shows, and keep truckin’ along. Right now, we’re enjoying the control. We like being able to do what we want and we don’t care about much else.

NN: Are there any particular happenings that persuaded you to get involved in Louisville’s music scene?

LE: Not really. We saw some killer shows. Met Dave Chale. That’s pretty much it.

NN: Talk about a few current bands/artists in Louisville that you’ve been paying attention to lately. What do you like about them?

LE: There’s a handful of them. Anything Scott Carney is involved in fascinates me. White Reaper gives me a chubby.

NN: Describe the best show you’ve been to this year. Who was playing, what was the venue, and what got you so fucking excited?

LE: Ty Segall with Wand at Mercy Lounge in Nashville, TN. It was back in September 2014. Haven’t been able to get that show out of our minds since. Ty Segall, Charles Mootheart, Mikal Cronin and Emily Rose make up the band. They’re absolutely fantastic and the live show is unbelievable. It was one of those shows that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. I looked up half-way through the set and saw Sam from White Reaper crowd surfing. If you haven’t seen the Ty Segall band live, you’re missing out. Wand was incredible as well.

NN: Assuming you guys like coffee, which coffee shop in town would you consider your favorite, and why?

LE: We’re not big coffee drinkers but if we had to pick a favorite, it’d probably be Sunergos on Preston. It’s a short walk from Deadbird Studios.

NN: Talk about your least favorite zoo animal, and why it sucks so bad.

LE: Hell, I don’t know. Probably the Tigers. Only because I used to have a reoccurring dream as a kid that involved me falling over the railing and getting mauled to bits by one.

NN: Where in Louisville is the best place to watch people be weird?

LE: Dirty Kroger on Brownsboro Road. There’s a scooter gang of husky old ladies that roams the aisles nearly every day. Seriously, go check it out. Just watch yer toes cause they’ll run you over. They know where the deals are and if yer in the way, they’ll plow yer ass over.

NN: Before you go, talk about your favorite album of 2015 thus far, and what you like about it so much in particular.

LE: I’ll answer for Brad John and say with confidence that the new Wand album Golem is his favorite so far. My current favorite is Thee Oh Sees – Mutilator Defeated At Last. Dwyer is a personal favorite of mine. Doesn’t hurt that Chris Woodhouse produced, engineered and mixed it. He’s got an ear for greatness and it shows on the new album. It’s perfect from start to finish.