GIVEAWAY: Win tickets to see Spirit Animal, 1200, and Stereo Empire this Saturday by using words and clicking links!

The sun is out – way out, maybe too out- and the weather is boss; summer time is on us and it’s time to celebrate. We have a short list of things that make summer awesome here at Never Nervous, nice summer beers, grilling out stuff, cannonballs into swimming pools or, if you’re me, riding that lazy river in perpetuity; and definitely listening to the hottest jams. To be clear, I mean “jams” like good music or “tunes” as the kids call them (in 1920), and not jams like this; I’m a stickler for details. Punk funk weirdos Spirit Animal make some righteous summer jams, the kind perfect for doing jump kicks off of a skateboard into a swimming pool with an entire six pack of beers in your hand with a monster truck parked in the background and an evening of Mario Kart in your future. And the kind that you might actually wear jams while you listen.

Joining them are the always radical 1200 with Stereo Empire opening. Have you heard 1200? They are American heroes. Or he is an American hero. It’s a tough nut to crack when you think about it, since 1200 is the name of the rapper and the group that plays with the rapper. Identities are hard and shit. If you haven’t heard 1200, rest assured we will put some links below for you to click that will blast your earholes with the unmitigated joy of his rap jams, which by our estimation here is some of the finest in the city. 1200 makes some of the most creative music around and his live show is hella-energetic. Just check out this video below and tell us that you don’t want to get in the pit and try to love someone. 

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