PODCAST: Corey Higdon of HouseByTheVideoStore.com Chats About “Street Trash”, Haunted Houses, and Our Love of Bruce Campbell!

Pictured Above: Corey Higdon of HBTVS (far left) chats with Never Nervous!
Our guest on the latest episode of The Never Nervous Podcast is Corey Higdon, one of the main dudes behind House By The Video Store. What is HBTVS you ask? I’d describe it as being our favorite website dedicated to covering horror, cult, and underground films that produces news, reviews, and interviews relevant to their particular favorite weirdo genres. 

Throughout the duration of this interview with Corey we are watching and commenting on a bizarre, low budget 1987 horror film Street Trash, which our guest kindly suggested as doing.  Listen as we engage in important conversation regarding HBTVS, this weird fucking movie, and a lot more serious adult topics:

Monolith provides the intro music for this episode, and the name of the song is “Kindly Dr. Jest” which appears on their latest record Against The Wall of Forever.