REVIEW: Ted Tyro – “Quick Oats”

Ted Tyro
Quick Oats

Ted Tyro make some really sublime indie-pop, without peer in the Louisville scene. There is a really creative drive here to explore sounds that aren’t wholly alien, but just a little tilted, a little off-center, that makes for a compelling listen, like the guitars sound almost like how aliens weaned on 8-bit Nintendo would interpret guitar. There is an 80’s new-wave punk sensibility here too, undeniable in it’s hushed tones and stripped down approach. To my ears, this sounds like a some of the lost This Heat stuff, or the more relaxed Camberwell Now stuff, a touch dub oriented, and definitely interested in doing their own thing. The production reminds me of Udu Wudu era-Magma, which is meant as a high compliment, even if they didn’t invent their own language to convey the space exodus of a persecuted people; we can’t all tell the story of Battlestar Galactica in a pretend language to the most prog-rock of all prog-rock.

Quick Oats is a solid listen from start to finish, and apparently a two-sided tape. You know, like how tapes have two sides. I say this, because the Bandcamp serves as a tease featuring just Side One. You might wonder where side two is, and the magic of $5 is the key to that puzzle. I can say that the A-Side alone sounds very much worth it, with a sound that is unlike anything else going on in Louisville now. This is smart stuff, made by people with a clear passion for what it is that they do, and well worth checking out. And, you know, artists should probably get paid for their work, except when I say “probably,” I mean “definitely,” so the $5 is worth it on every level. Check it out below for yourself.

(Editor’s note: at the time of this writing, there were two sides, but the B-Side has since been pulled.)

Listen for yourself below.