LISTEN: TinyForest – “Dreams”

It’s entirely appropriate that the newest from producer and Bird Zoo member TinyForest is entitled Dreams. There is certainly an ephemeral, sort of hazy quality imbued in the music here that gives it a sleepy vibe, insomuch as that can be accomplished while still having a definitive forward momentum. This is the soundtrack to those really awesome lucid dreams you have, where you drift off to sleep on a warm, but not too humid Sunday afternoon watching reruns of Battlestar Galactica or something, where you can fly or have laser vision. Too specific? I don’t know about the rest of you, but if laser vision or flight aren’t appealing to you, you’re maybe the most boring person in the universe.

As always, TinyForest proves that he’s a force in local hip-hop, which is saying something given the already impressive array of local talent. His work stands out, here as before, as especially trap heavy in the percussion department, but with a thick ambient fog as the music. Anyone familiar with Clams Casino will hear that influence here, as I’ve point out time and again in my writing, but I will posit that TF’s output is consistently of higher quality. This is easy stuff to listen to that comes with a high standard that is always met.

You can listen below and write comments here or on Facebook or something, and tell us or TinyForest how much you love him. Or us. As you should. We need the validation.